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It’s dark, scary, competitive, and theatrical. “Dead by Daylight” is a kind of game that can now change infinitely. It was released as an asymmetrical survival title that captivated most of the helpless survivors against the heaviest slashers, but in the last two years it got closer to “Cabin in the Woods”. “Anything on Friday the 13th.”

Like most great thrillers, “Dead by Daylight’s” appears as a twist on the way the gameplay is played by the developer’s decision to expand the game, the killer’s classic horror movie villain, and eventually by the notorious killer. Shredding. The biggest and biggest horror movie. Each new killer has new challenges, new scary backgrounds, new discoveries, thrills, and killing methods for survivors.

When the game introduced Freddy Krueger and the ability to confront the killer (extracted by the killer) fell asleep in the game, it was clear that “Dead by Daylight” went far beyond its roots. Some sort of story flows slowly out of the franchise. Why so many notorious murder lunatics are hunting a handful of typical survivors, what happens to those who have escaped, or struggling victims are grabbing and snatching huge struggling victims.


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