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The latest in the Persona series released by ATLUS on November 24, 2013. As in the previous work, there are director/producer Hashino Katsura, art director/character designer Shigenori Soejima, and composer Shoji Meguro. A-1 Pictures is in charge of the opening video, and Production I.G is in charge of the animation. It was scheduled for Japan in the winter of 2014, but took place at the bank on September 16 after the postponement. Funding through the PS3 monopoly before bidding for funding through multiplayer with PS4. [5] Persona series 20th anniversary, Persona 3 domestic exclusive launch 11th anniversary. The first authentic persona series from Sega Games.

The protagonist’s party is’Mind Kaito’ that makes the big city lively.
The person who has been notified from them confesses his sins and is converted.
The protagonist’s party takes away the’fallen mind’ of the’fallen adult’ target and reforms the dominant world.

The protagonist, who lost his home for some reason (corruption), moves to Tokyo, stays at a coffee shop where his parents’ acquaintances live, and goes to a high school called’Private Shujin Academy’.
One day, the protagonist and his colleagues who accidentally acquire the app’Explore this World’ come into contact with the world palace where distorted desires are embodied.
Take it as an opportunity to become a secret band that reforms the world in need.


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