super smash bros ultimate NSP ROM free download

New characters and stages join the entire legacy list!
Game icons collide in the ultimate battle that can be played anytime, anywhere! The new characters Simon Belmont and King K defeat their competitors. Rool joins all the fighters in Inkling, Ridley, and Super Smash Brothers. Enjoy enhanced speed and combat on a new stage based on the historic Castlevania series, Super Mario Odyssey and more!

Do you have any difficulty choosing the stage? Then select the Stage Morph option to convert one stage to another during the fight. Series first! In addition, new eco-fighters Dark Samus, Richter Belmont and Chrome also participate in the battle. Whether you’re local or online, enjoy fast combat, new attacks, and new defense options, such as a complete shield. Participate in 900 different music compositions, go one-on-one with your friends, open a four-for-all, and get up to the eight-member battle! Dispose of your GameCube Controller (Legendary Couch Contest Waiting) anytime, anywhere or enjoy the game together!

It is the first adventure mode in 10 years since the Daenantu Smash Brothers X. All the warriors gathered to fight against “Kira, the incarnation of light,” but at once, the warriors were kidnapped like figures, all the remaining lives were wiped out, becoming ideological souls, and the world lost everything. However, Kirbyman escaped from the warpstar attack and teleportedly returned to the lost world, saving the missing warriors and souls, and becoming the only survivor to go on an adventure against Kira again. It can be acquired by a liberating puppet warrior controlled by a spirit. The acquired Spirit can be selected depending on the situation. In addition, rescuing the hijacked fighter will allow them to join as colleagues. If you proceed, there are stamps and shops nearby, which you can purchase with SP (Spirit Point). Physical strength can train Spirit above level 1, and seals can learn the kinds of dads. However, to open it, the Spirit must be free from the front. It is also possible to liberate the exploration area. The expedition will be able to gather energy over time and acquire it. As soon as everyone fights with Kira together, something unexpected happens.


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