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Legend of Zelda. Dream Island remake game. It was released by Nintendo Direct on February 14, 2019. It was released worldwide on September 20, 2019 under the Nintendo Switch.

Unusually, unlike the sub-title of Remaster and Remake Zelda, which uses terms distinct from the original, is the island of dreams where the sub-title follows the original.

According to an IGN article on August 16, 2019, Aonuma Age hinted at the development of the original work in an interview with the game magazine Edge in 2016, three years earlier. In the interview, Aonuma Eiji said, “We asked Nintendo to create more Zelda titles, and there’s not much to reveal about it, but I liked the idea of a game where I could live as a thief.” It was a hint of a famous Easter egg whose name is fixed as a thief when stealing store goods from Dream Island, but no one thought it was a remake of the work at the time, and only in 2019 did it mean a remake of Dream Island.

The visual was modeled on a plastic miniature, which made the edge of the view tilt shift blurry like a miniature shoot, and most of the objects in the film have a smooth plastic texture.
The deep water was treated translucently. Therefore, it is easier to find pieces of hearts in the water.
Sprawling skull tiles from the cave’s terrain were significantly deleted. There are only five places where the skull tiles on the floor remain, including the small king’s house, three places with demons that increase the number of possessions, and five places where the finish of the signboard maze lives. The skull objects that can be picked up from the cave terrain, the sprawling skulls of the Yana Desert , the hanging skull of the Demonic Holy Wind seen when it falls from the Tale’s Cave Boss Dog Tail, and the skull (one more skull added to the left) appear in the background, like a witch’s house and a boomerang dealer. Overall, it is less scary than the original. Instead, some of the Stalforce in the dungeon appeared to be collapsed like a broken skull tile, and then an element of standing up when the link approached was added.


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