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Portal 2 was created according to the same formula that created an innovative gameplay method, story, music, and cult fan base where existing portals could have won more than 70 game awards.

One player in Portal 2 introduces a lively new character, numerous new puzzles, and a larger and more complex laboratory. The player explores other areas of the Aperture Science Lab, which has not been able to go so far, and reunites with Glados, a notorious artificial intelligence computer he guided in his previous work.

The new collaboration mode introduces two new player characters, along with a separate campaign, a unique story, and a laboratory. This new mode allows players to rethink everything they thought they knew about the portal. Cooperation is not enough. To successfully pass the experiment, you must think cooperatively.

Characteristics of the game
Large-scale single-player: Provides next-generation gameplay and amazing storytelling.
Perfect 2-person cooperative game: Multiplayer games offer your own story, character, and gameplay.
More advanced physics engines: can create a wider range of interesting challenges. But the game itself is not burdensome.
original music
Epic Sequel: The original portal is one of the “Game of the Year” selected by more than 30 media outlets around the world.
Editing Tools: Includes the Portal 2 editing tools.


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