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DedSec= A group of hackers from previous work. In his previous work, he was a group that cooperated while keeping distance, but this time, he became a main character organization. The aim is to defend freedom of information, expose the atrocities of large corporations and government agencies, and prevent their dictatorship. After the introduction of ctOS 2.0, which was much safer, it became less active, and at the time of the prologue, Marcus planted a backdoor in the ctOS server and started working again.
BLUME He is not only the main character of his previous film “The Watchman” but also the main character of the film, “The Watchman.” Unlike the previous version, which was only used in Chicago on a trial basis, it seems to have already expanded CTOS 2.0 worldwide, including San Francisco. It also has access to data on manipulating public opinion and developing new weapons.

ctOS: A system that integrates and manages all of Bloom’s developed networks (in fact, those created by T-Bone in Bloom). This includes information networks such as the Internet and TV, as well as infrastructure such as electricity, finance, and industry. The system is nominally designed for the safety of citizens and efficient management of facilities, and is actually used for various atrocities by large companies such as civilian inspections, selling personal information, or manipulating public opinion. Even the corruption police abuse OS, a mission to combat corruption police, classified underground areas as gun-tolerant areas and handled all profiles with errors so that the identity of corruption police is not directly tracked

NVITE A social media giant. It is estimated that it is similar to Facebook. They are using their service, Inbyte, to elect Mark Thrus, a lawmaker they are pushing for. The game penetrates twice in total.
Galileo: A self-launching aerospace company. I think it’s based on SpaceX. At this time, Bloom’s network satellite is planning to launch several satellites, which are actually successful because Bloom is trying to strengthen security by building satellite backbone instead of underwater cables, but with the collaboration of Raymond Kenny and Dessek, Dedek invaded satellite backbone and eventually crashed. It was handed over to them.


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