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Grand Theft Auto V is an action adventure game played in the first person or third person Players play games on linear missions.Outside the mission area, players can freely roam the open world. The game world consists of the fictional city of Los Santos, which is much larger than the previous series, and San Andreas outside the city. In the beginning of the game, the content is limited, but as the story progresses, more gameplay content is released.

Players can use close attacks, guns, and explosives to deal with enemies. They can also travel around the world through running, jumping, swimming, and horseback riding. It introduced rides such as fixed-wing aircraft that were not previously produced in line with the wider map size than its predecessor, Grand Theft IV. In battle, the automatic aiming and occlusion systems help the enemy counterattack.When the player is damaged, the physical strength bar slowly rises to the center.

When a player’s physical strength is exhausted, he/she will be revived at a nearby hospital. When the player commits a crime, the security organization starts looking for the player, and the player’s level and number of stars are displayed in the HUD. (e.g., in the top five stars, police helicopters and NOOSE are dispatched to track players down) Security organizations track nearby players, and when they disappear from the police field in the mini-map, the star blinks and starts looking for players. After a certain period of time, the desired level disappears.


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