The game was introduced by Kitao, who was in charge of promotion before its release, saying, “Sekiro is not a soul-like game, but it has its own solution.”The way and habit of playing “soul” is to play soul games because it is easy to stop them if they don’t understand it. In particular, it is best to erase the style that focuses on avoidance first in your head. Some say that it is easier to get used to the system because there is no preconception of new users than ancient figures such as spirits.

Once again, if you die completely without a resurrection, you have to find time to buy technology and items because it is a mercyless game where half of your experience and money fly away. If you buy a pocket from a merchant, you can keep your money safe and use it instead of losing 10 percent. Past experience or monetary labor can be relatively easy through drop, and if you are not confident in progress, let’s gain experience to acquire skills and start. If you don’t want to go to a merchant because you’re traveling with your boss, you can use all the remaining money to buy Katashiro. Also, increasing your experience does not mean that dying does not lower the minimum level. It’s a game where you can earn 500 won per experience level if you use a balloon and go around once, so you don’t have to dwell on losing it. In short, unlike the Soul series, death does not limit growth.

There are two hard modes, one of which is the bell of the vanguard, one of which is a way to return the amulet of Kuro that can be obtained when the second or first round starts again after the end first round. Jong-gui does not change this much in difficulty, but returning Kuro’s amulet greatly increases the enemy’s physical strength, physical strength, attack power, and defense, and the damage is bounced by digging into the guard. In that case, if you keep flipping through the serial number, the interofficial gauge will be full in an instant, but you don’t have to worry because the interofficial gauge won’t break. Of course, when a guard is judged, it cannot bounce and breaks. In fact, Jong-gui is used to increase drop rates and rewards with a little penalty, and Kuro’s amulet is the real hard mode.
While a fourth-order clear is essential to achieve all tasks in accordance with the standard, it can reach the second-order with file backup storage. However, in this case, you must perform a significant amount of skill points to acquire all the skills. In addition to achieving all tasks, a third clear is essential to collect all vision skills, which reduces the number of anger.


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