Horizon Zero Dawn pc free download all dlc

It deals with events in the world where Mother Nature has occupied the ruins of civilization.Humanity is not the dominant species in the world, and in addition to the common animals, highly evolved animal-type machines occupy the world together. Humanity lost its future civilization and technology and returned to ancient primitive tribal societies, hunting, hunting and feeding plants in nature as well as hunting small and medium-sized machines and returning them to various substances. This is why it can attack various kinds of characteristics.

The player plays Aloy, a tribal exile and a young hunter who learned to hunt machines, and goes on a long journey of discovering his destiny to solve many mysteries around him. Ayloi uses stories from babies to children to adults as prologues. In the process, we learn how Ailoi became interested in civilization in the past.Shortly after becoming an adult, Ayloi was attacked by fanatics, the Japanese parliament, in a ceremony of evidence to become a member of the Nora clan, which killed his stepfather. Later, he learned the secret of birth from the head of the rental family to save the world from the dangers associated with the secret, and traveled around the world as a seeker.

This is a single-game open-world action RPG that is held at the third person point of view. It is more important to shoot with a bow and a gun.

The player controls the hunter and archer Ayloi, who fights against a monster called a “machine” and an unidentified group of tribes. Machines have their own habits, such as moving together in groups like real animals or wandering the plains alone, and each has one weakness. Parts dropped by the machine upon death are vital to survival and can be combined with natural materials to create unique weapons, ammunition, traps, and tools.


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