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Like the dragon, the new main character of the series, Kasuga Ichivan, is the first main story to appear in the series, and it is the first work to feature Yokohama Lee Jin-cho. The battle has made it difficult for new users to enter the battle system as the turn-based RPG, which was released in the April Fool’s Day video in 2019. However, as the series, which became ground as a 3D action game, suddenly changed to a turn-based RPG, most fans of the series, including not only Korea but also Japan and Western Dragons, have been embarrassed, but have received considerable response since its release.

After the story of Kazuma Kiryu, the same-sex society and the worldview of Kamurocho were first revealed, but as producer Toshihiro Nagashi said, the two films were distinctive, so there was no particular mention of Jersey Eyes.

On January 1, 2001, Yakuza Kasuga Ichivan, a member of the third group of the same-sex association, decided to appear after accepting a request from Masumi Arakawa to take responsibility for the crimes committed by Iinza Sawashirojo.
For his beloved organization, for his respected father, Kasga is finally released in 2019 after 18 years of hard prison time.
However, no one came to meet Kasuga, who was released from prison.

Kasuga came back to his hometown, Camurocho, alone.
However, it was not the Kamurocho that Kasuga knew.
The same-sex society collapsed due to the police’s policy of Operation Camurocho 3K.
Kamurocho was now under the control of the police and the Omi Alliance, a Kansai Yakuza organization.
And I hear that Arakawa Masumi is the one who created the situation.

“You can’t have done that!」
Kasuga goes to meet Masumi Arakawa to understand his true intentions.

Kasuga, who barely faced Masumi Arakawa through the interruption of Omi Alliance members and former senior Sawashiro.
“Old man!”
The first reunion in 18 years with his father, whom he regarded as his own father and whom he admired.
But what was waiting there was a cold gun, not a smile that pleased the reunion.
“I’m sorry, Ich……dying.”
The sound of gunfire. The darkening vision–


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