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Zero top manager Rise. It was released on 24 November 2020.

Touch-based XBOX ONE and series X/S optimized transplants are identified to support XPA.

The console and PC versions are said to differ in the number of leagues played.

The CEO said in an interview that Sony did not transplant the PlayStation version because it did not send the development kit.

Beta was released on November 11 in Korean time. Finally, the Canadian Premier League was officially added. The beta evaluation is receiving good reviews to the extent that SI is finally working. At the end of the fm20, Sega developers learned that users were adjusting the match engine to their tastes, and worked hard for a long time to make good quality works . As a result, users who experienced the worst fm20 ever were praised for its great development. Instead, unlike previous works, files related to the match engine were patched so that users could not touch them.

The A.2 patch was created in December 2020 and the zero-top intensity continued.

From this work, the beginning of the season has become more diverse. In other words, it will be possible to start from the opening day of the second league.

For the first time in the soccer coach series, the entire face of the model appears on the cover.


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