APK Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel MOD v2.4.1 free download

Sword Art Online: Alicizione Rising Steel is SAO’s latest animated RPG game. Based on the Alicization story arc of the Sword Art Online animation series, it guides Kirito, Euger, and Alice and their quest to save all Underworld from new and dangerous threats.

Set in the virtual world of Sword Art Online, this magnificent JRPG adventure combines an amazing new animation with a unique Spirit Battle system to add an original strategic twist to the classic turn-based animated RPG gameplay formula. Defend the enemy’s momentum to defend their attacks, or join forces to help your team build a strong attack and shoot down the strongest enemy. This unique feature helps you form an exciting and unique RPG battle like in an animated series!

Unique representation of the sacralization story

• Experience this JRPG adventure. Kirito and Yuga explore the underworld for Alice’s rescue.

• Battle against familiar enemies, such as the goblin’s right-hand value, Pontifex quinella, and the vector emperor.

• Explore exclusive content unique to SORDART ONLINE: Alizione lifting steel

Strategic turn based animation RPG battle!

• Spirit-based original take-out for traditional turn-based animated RPG gameplay

• Effectively attack enemies by connecting attack, destruction, or charge techniques.

• Swear beloved weapons such as the blue rose sword, the fragrant olive knife, and the elucidata!


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