Game Arknights APK v1.5.91 HACK MOD FREE DOWNLOAD

With meticulous strategies and control!

  • Combine 8 different classes of operators to form the best team for your situation
  • Position workers in a timely manner and identify reverse situations with special skills →
  • Use a wide range of special terrain to win with a sharp strategy to target enemy weaknesses. Hire an operator to form an elite unit!
  • Hire people to help with open recruitment and headhunting.
  • Self-based (infrastructure) operation through professional knowledgeable operators
  • Reveal hidden stories and abilities with operators!

The fascinating scenery that makes you fall in love with the world.

  • A magnificent drama on the unknown planet Terra.
    Reunion to destroy everything and Rose Island to protect everything. Check out the various episodes of each power and character, and the veiled past now.
    Orginium, a mysterious mineral that brought hope and despair to mankind. Where is the end? The quality of art has reached ‘art’.
  • The best vocalists, illustrators, and beautiful music that raises the level of the work.
  • Interface screens provide the best beauty and convenience.


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